Our Story

Grand Valley Golf & Country Club, since it’s establishment in 1982, has been known as one of the most fun and family-oriented golf courses in the Tri-City Region.

Grand Valley Golf Course was the brainchild of Jim Horvath, who was the owner and architect of this semi-private golf course.  The official opening date for the first 9 holes was May 8th, 1982, with the next 9 holes opening up in 1986.

It was in the spring of 1988, when Bill & Mary Ann Merkir and Geza & Helen Kocsis bought the golf course, restaurant and banquet facilities from the Horvath family. From that day on, the focus on affordable golf, quality restaurant and banquet food, and attention to detail, continued throughout their years of ownership. The partnership with the Kocsis family ended in 1995, but that allowed the children of Bill & Mary Ann to step up and take on more integral roles within the organization.

Despite their daughter Sherri leaving the business in 2000 to raise a family, their son Scott and wife Jackie continue to be heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the business. Bill Merkir, who turned 80 in 2020, is still involved in the office duties, along with running his own tax consulting business. 

Throughout their years of ownership, the Merkir family have always put the customer first. There is a great sense of pride with what has been accomplished at Grand Valley Golf & Country Club since 1988, and there is a great sense of excitement with what is still to be accomplished.

Our customers feel like they are being treated like family, and that is not because that is something that we consciously try to do, but it is just how we were brought up and it is ingrained in everything that we do.

So, whether you are golfing on our course, or practising your swing on our practice range, or having something to eat in our restaurant or our banquet facility, on behalf of the Merkir family, I want to thank you and I hope that you have a fun and memorable time while you are with us.

Respectfully yours,

Scott & Jackie