Grand Valley Golf Course


Grand Valley Golf & Country Club has a storied history within the Tri-City region. The golf course was built and designed by Jim Horvath in 1981. 


Grand Valley started as a 9-hole course (our front 9) until 1985, when an additional 9 holes was built. Since then, the golf course has become a popular destination for avid golfers out for a quick round, beginner golfers who are encouraged with lower scores, and golf tournaments where social comradery is valued higher than a low score. 


Golfers who come through our door are accustomed to our friendly atmosphere and our emphasis on service and value.  Our goal is to ensure that the first time golfer to our facility will become a golfer who comes back again and again.


Our Superintendents Dennis Porteous and Jerime Ziegler, and their grounds crew, have done an exceptional job on the conditioning of our golf course given the high volume of rounds that are played each year. We take pride knowing that the conditioning of our course has improved year after year, and for those golfers who have been with us since the very beginning, they recognize this fact and have become our biggest marketers of the golf course.

Family playing golf

Our front 9 and our back 9 are really a contrast in differences, and each 9 holes presents their own challenges.
The front nine is comprised of tree-lined, narrow fairways and challenging greens. Golfers must choose accuracy over distance as failure to stay in the fairways can easily leave you with a difficult lie.
The back nine is much more open with wider fairways. It is here that the long ball hitter really has a chance to shine, and distance off the tee is almost always rewarded.


Grand Valley Golf & Country Club is excited to have you play our golf course. Whether it is our friendly Pro Shop staff checking you in, or our beverage cart servers assisting in a cold beverage during your round, or our wait staff serving you a hot meal after your round, we will ensure that you enjoy your day with us from start to finish.


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