Grand Valley Golf & CoVid-19 Update:

We are pleased to announce that we are now open for golf, practice range, patio service & take out orders!!

Despite this announcement, Grand Valley Golf is committed to ensuring the health & safety of our customers and our employees.

With measures in place focusing on safety, sanitary conditions, and physical distancing,

we are open for business with respect to our golf course, our take out business for our restaurant, and our full menu for our outdoor patio. 

In order to maintain the safety of our guests and our employees, we have implemented new & extensive protocols,

following the continual advice of the Canadian public health authorities.

It is essential that everyone (pay as you play, our members & our restaurant customers) follow our new procedures.

Please know that if you cannot or will not adhere to these protocols, you will be asked to leave the course immediately.

New Protocols in place at Grand Valley Golf Course:

Tee times MUST be pre-booked, with no walk ons.

We ask that you arrive 20 minutes before your tee time, and if you are earlier, to wait in your car until that time.

There is increased spacing between tee times to ensure physical distancing

6 feet separation is required at all times; including tee decks, fairways, and greens.

Do not touch the flagsticks, and our modified flagsticks will ensure that there is no need for this in retrieving your golf ball.

On course washrooms are not available at the moment,  as we cannot ensure proper sanitization

However, clubhouse washrooms are available and we will monitor this area to ensure that there is reasonable flow in and out,

and will sterilize on a timely basis.

Power cart rentals are now available.

They will be single ride carts (with the exception given to people who live in the same household).

The power carts will be cleaned adn disinfected after each use.

Pull cart rentals are available and will be disinfected after each use, as well.

We have launched our golf leagues to great fanfare and pent up anticipation.

Please check with our pro shop or our website for more details.

For our restaurant, we will be offering a take out menu for our golfers on the course, and our regular restaurant customers.

The dining area will not be available to our customers, and all take out containers will be disposable, one time use.

Our outdoor patio is now open, and we are pleased to announce that we are now offering our full menu.

Beer & Drink are available for purchase, either for consumption on the course, or as part of your take out order.

We will be pre-packaging our beverages, where applicable, to minimize contact surfaces.

We are encouraging "tap" credit and debit card payments to reduce hand to hand contact.

Regardless of method of payment, we will be sanitizing touch points after each use.

We are asking a lot from you as we navigate through this difficult time, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding of these new policies.

But we are also asking a lot from our employees as well, such as regularly sanitizing all high-contact surfaces, requiring that they regularly wash and sanitize their hands, requiring that they stay home if sick, and regularly sanitizing all course, restaurant and kitchen equipment after each use.

Together we can accomplish what everyone wants, and that is to enjoy our golf course (& our food and beverage),

and the health benefits (both physical and mental) associated with golfing and being outside.

By following the recommended best practices by our provincial health authorities, collectively we will be able to do this,

in addition to preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus at Grand Valley Golf & Country Club.

Take care and be safe


Scott Merkir